Handmade by traditional craftsmanship, using perfectly tuned machines we carefully create our exquisite pens, for You. A multi-stage creation process: by performing different work phases our wood pens come to life as perfect masterpieces. Each one is a perfect combination of wood and quality parts covered by precious metals. Both design and production of pens are made in our small workshop so that we can ensure the perfect cohesion of the original vision and production. We perform a number of highly detailed, mostly handmade operations, with precise quality assurance, so that You will have a perfectly crafted wooden pen in your hand.

Selection of materials
One of the most fascinating part of the process - the selection of woods. We are constantly seeking for newer, more beautiful natural materials to shape the bodyof our pens. We are happy to face the constant challenge of using the right color palette and raw materials for the different styles of our collections.
Our respect of natural materials and the love of the wood all reflect in the impeccable appearance and quality of our pens.

Precious metal covered parts
We are committed to use elements made with extreme precision, coated with different precious metals, which not only increase the value of our writing instruments, but also enhance their aesthetic appeal. Our quality steel nibs with iridium tips and various precious metal coatings, our rhodium, titanium and gold coated parts not only emphasize the beauty of exotic trees but also provide a perfect writing experience.

Wood processing
High precision tools and our experienced carpenter hands - a careful teamwork makes the choosen wood block to come to their final shape. The multiple surface treatment of this form gives the pen aesthetic fulfillment. Impressive surfaces, colors and perfectly smooth touch.

Final assembly
The flawless combination of precious metals and wood makes our pens really special. The assembly of extremely precise elements requires additional precision and accuracy. Particular attention is paid to the exact fit, to the irreprochable alignment, to all the details beyond the appearance which determine the excellent usability. They ensure a true writing experience.

That's how our pens are born.
The multistage process we put all our expertise and passion into. Uncompromised.
Process that results our wooden pen to achieve it's final goal: to gain joy for it's future owner.

Timeless elegance, excellent functionality. Made with passion and care, our wooden pens, without exception, are true symbols of the art of handwriting.
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