Exactly as in the production of our remarkable pens, we are looking for perfection in the sructure and construction of this webshop. We have carefully designed and built our online store to highlight the beauty in every detail of  our writing instruments. We constantly strive to ensure that the time spent in our online store is a pleasant experience for You.

How do I make a purchase?

Our ultimate goal is to offer all our customers the piece that suits at most to their personal style. That's why our pens have been gathered in collections.
  - by clicking the "Collections" menu you can navigate between our collections. Each collection contains pens of similar style.
  - once you have selected a collection, then our site will list all pens in this category.
  - the detailed description of the pen will be displayed after clicking on a model. Find all the descriptions, pictures, details of this product on one page.
  - also on this page, after scrolling, you get to the option to buy the pen you see:
        - next to the name you will find if this pen is in stock or we can deliver it only based on order.
        - if the pen is in stock, the next step is choosing a type of wood. With a click on the small picture of the wood you can enlarge to view the texture, color, description of this material and also here you find information if this wood is in stock or not. To select a wood, check the box below the wood icon.
        - before completing your orders, you must accept the terms of this purchase. Because you buy an absolutely unique pen, we would like to point out that its wooden parts may be slightly different from the wooden parts of the pen used for shooting.
        - you also have extra options, you can select what type of box you want, quality certificate, product personalization. Just check the box / boxes to choose one or more.
        - after completing the selection, click on the "Add to basket" button and place the pen in your shopping cart.

To complete the order, you only have to provide shipping details that's how we can guarantee that your package will be sent to the correct address. Please double check your address and phone number to make sure youget and  enjoy the chosen wood pen as soon as possible.

Sizing guide

Our goal is to find the fountain pen that suits your style perfectly. To help you further, we want to guide you to make the ideal choice on the size of the writing instrument. Find the size and weight of the pen in the product description page in the column next to the price and for a  better understanding of the size differences between each pen, please analyze our comparison on the image below.


Choise of woods

We offer a wide range of exotic woods, so the pen you choose to be best suited to your expectations. The wood, as a natural material, produces beautiful patterns, breathtaking colors and because it is not possible to produce two identical pens of the same wood, we guarantee that your chosen writing instrument will be completely unique. At the same time, this uniqueness of the material results that the finished products may slightly differ in pattern and color of the wood compared to the products seen on the images online.

If you have questions about the materials and their color, please contact us with confidence. We are glad to help you.

Pens in stock / Pens on order

Our pens "In stock" are shipped within 5 business days, and delivery time is up to 1-2 business days.

The production of pens "On order" depends on the flow of exotic raw materials. We encourage you to order pens from this chategory, and we'll let you know the waiting time within one business day.

How do I pay?

We always like to create new trends, but there are things we do not want to change. Therefore, we also use the most common form of payment in the country: you pay in cash when you receive the package.

Who pays for delivery?

We have outsourced the transport of our products to the courier company - Fan Courier. Our pens are delivered in the territory of the country and the payment is made at delivery, for the agent or in the courier company's office.

We would like to offer to every future Penna owner a free shipping, so we will bear courier costs (for standard delivery addresses) regardless of the price of the purchased pen. By this way, we would like to thank you for choosing our products!

For delivery addresses with extra mileage, the cost difference to standard shipping will be payed by the buyer. The cost of delivering foreign orders is entirely payed by the buyer.


Our exceptional pens can be even more unique by a personalization: on the body of the writing instrument can be engraved names, initials or even short messages.
Personalization is done by laser engraving, which is a colorless inscription technique that enters into the wood of the pen, resulting in an aesthetic and durable note. Not only our pens, but our wooden boxes as well can be customized. In both cases, we guarantee a truly aesthetic and quality inscription. For our customers, the personalization process is completely free.

Return of products

We're sure your new wooden pen will earn your total satisfaction. However, if you have the impression that you have not chosen well, you have the option to return the pen to us, but only in the original box, along with all the original accessories. The cost of return is borne by the buyer. The pen, pen box, or accessories can not show wear or damage. The returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered, according to Law 249/2015, the original packaging is no longer mandatory.
If the above conditions are not met, we can not accept the return of the product. Pens and  boxes with engravings are not returnable.
We can only accept parcels sent by courier services (excluding Post).

Product warranty

Writing instruments and accessories manufactured and sold by us, without exception, have a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase indicated on the original certificate. The terms of the guarantee are also provided in the warranty part of the original certificate.

Any defects occurring during the warranty period or defects in material or due to production will be repaired or replaced by the owner, with the condition that the product has been properly used. To qualify for the guarantee, you must send us:
  - the completed original certificate of authenticity,
  - original pen and original box (original packaging is not required),
  - an accurate description of the problem.
In the case of warranty issues the cost of shipping (return, re-sending) will be borne by our company, as well as the cost of repairs or replacement.

There is no guarantee for pens showing clear signs of improper use: damage by shocks, kicks, forcing instead of twisting the cap, direct and continuous exposure to strong solar radiation, water exposure or exposure to temperatures above 0 degrees in winter for a long period of time. In these cases, the warranty will be lost, replacement or repair can only be made against payment. The shipping costs in this case will be borne by the buyer.

In case you detect any problem, we kindly ask you to contact us before returning the product.

If you have further any further question, please contact us: 0749 191 873 or: office@penna.ro

Timeless elegance, excellent functionality. Made with passion and care, our wooden pens, without exception, are true symbols of the art of handwriting.
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