Do you remember the time when you learned to write? Shaping your special handwritten caligrafic letters using a writing instrument and a piece of paper? Handwriting is a composition. It makes you to think. But it seems, nowadays, our handwriting is about to be superseded by technology. Instead of our unique handwriting, we type digital characters on our smart devices.

We invite you to rediscover your handwriting, your own unique manifestation, reflection of your personality! You have your own style, so choose a unique, beautifully handcrafted writing instrument. In our fast-paced weekdays, over-crowded with digital tehnology a hand-made wooden pen means a return to the roots. Grants elegance. Represents value.

These were the aspects we put into the forefront when we created our magnificent pen collection made of a wide range of exotic woods. Handcrafting rare natural materials and combining them with other exclusive precious metals result in the creation of unique masterpieces. Great fountain pens that guarantee the perfect balance of beautiful form and impeccable functionality.

The knowledge and experience accumulated by our multi-generational joiner family, our love of woods and dedication help our small workshop to shape our timeless pens in perfect form. The unique and exciting texture of the exotic woods, and the meticulous craftsmanship guarantees that each pen is completely unique, just like the stories you will capture with it.

A wood pen is a perfect accessory. A great companion for a lifetime. An extraordinary complement to your style. Catch the moments of your life with it, or make it a present to your loved ones!

Timeless elegance, excellent functionality. Made with passion and care, our wooden pens, without exception, are true symbols of the art of handwriting.
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